Digital Alarm Clock – Black Case with Red LEDs - Ascending Alarm Grows Increasing Louder, Gentle Wake Up Experience, Dual Alarm - Battery Back-up, Easy to Use with Simple Operation


Color : black-red LED


  • Easy-to-use digital alarm clock with dual alarms-The clock was designed with absolute simplicity in mind and is very easy to operate. It is very suitable for adults, children, teenagers, seniors and seniors.
  • Easily set up dual alarms-set one as a weekday and the other as a weekend!
  • Rising alarm volume-the rising alarm starts to make a faint sound, and then becomes louder and louder, and can wake up gently without suddenly
  • Alarm battery backup (requires 2 AA batteries, sold separately) Knowing that the alarm will continue to function even if the power supply is interrupted, please rest assured to sleep. After power is restored, the display will light up.
  • Easy-to-read red LED indicator-The numbers on the easy-to-read red clock are very clear, with super bright quality, and the whole room can be seen without glasses even in the middle of the night!

Details: Digital alarm clock with dual alarms, easy to set dual alarms. The alarm clock has two alarm options. Set one as weekday and the other as weekend. Increasing the alarm volume The volume of the alarm will increase over time to provide a softer wake-up experience.

Packing size: 5.7 x 3.0 x 2.9 inches