Digital Clock,Autoset Alarm Clock for Bedroom,USB Charger or Battery Operated,7 Brightness,6" Large Display Desk Clock for Seniors or Alzheimer's,Auto DST,Calendar Days Alarm Clocks.


feature :

  • Large digital clock display for the elderly/Alzheimer's disease-Equipped with a 6-inch LCD display and an ultra-clear light blue large digital display, this alarm clock is especially suitable for the visually impaired, the elderly and the patients with dementia. It sets the date, the day of the week and the alarm, which will help you remember the important matters of each day.
  • The automatically set digital alarm clock is very easy to use-for the elderly or patients with Alzheimer's disease, there is no need to set the trouble, once the power is turned on, it will automatically set the correct time. You only need to select the time zone and automatic daylight saving time on/off. Since it has a lithium battery that can store all settings, as long as you re-power it, there is no need to reset the time or any other parameters. This is a great gift for your parents.
  • Battery powered or USB charger powered-when you are not using this digital clock, just install three AA spare batteries on it, it will automatically enter energy saving mode, and once pressed, the backlight will only light up 100% brightness 10 Second light button. The perfect way to avoid wasting batteries. An additional USB port allows you to charge your smartphone.
  • Automatic or manual dimming smart lights-With the full range of brightness dimmers and light blue digital display, you can easily check the time from any angle anytime, anywhere. The alarm clock has 8 time zones, 12/24 hour selection and automatic daylight saving time. You can buy the most valuable clock with the least amount of money.
  • Bedroom alarm clock (8 minutes nap)-The frequency of the alarm clock will gradually increase and lasts for 90 seconds. Therefore, instead of letting you hear the frightening double-bell alarm, it is better to wake you up. This alarm clock allows you to sleep well every morning Sleep, make you feel happy and start a new day.

Packing size: 7.9 x 6.0 x 2.3 inches