Digital Wall Clock, Autoset Desk Clocks with Temperature, Humidity and Date, Battery Operated Digital Clock Large Display, 8 Time Zone, Auto DST.


Color : black


  • Digital wall clocks with temperature and humidity-These digital wall clocks are equipped with Swiss high-precision SHTC3 detection sensors, which can help you grasp the most accurate indoor temperature and humidity and create the most comfortable indoor environment.
  • Wall clock battery automatic setting function-after inserting three AA batteries (included), it will automatically set the correct time. You only need to select the time zone. It also has a memory battery in the event of a power failure, in this case, when the power is restored, it will retain the correct time and date. (Non-atomic clock)
  • Large digital clock-a wall clock or desk clock with a large digital display. This desktop alarm clock with an 8-minute desk function is designed with absolute simplicity in mind, so you can operate and read it without any effort.
  • Desk clock, accurate date and time-The wall clock combines a calendar, timer and alarm clock into one. The accurate date and time will prevent you from missing important meetings and appointments. Buy the most valuable clock with the least amount of money.
  • Living room decoration wall clock -12 or 24-hour display format; 8 time zones to choose from, and you can choose to turn on or off daylight saving time; temperature display unit is Celsius or Fahrenheit; accurate date and time. These digital wall clocks are perfect for office, bathroom or kitchen decoration. (No backlight)

Binding: Kitchen

Details: Digital Wall Clock

This digital wall clock includes all 8 time zones in North America: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, Newfoundland, Alaska and Hawaii Standard Time. The clock's built-in calendar functions include: date, date and month. The clock also has a "daylight saving time" option, when daylight saving time arrives, it will automatically move forward one hour. It can be easily hung on the wall, or it can be placed on a desktop using a sturdy folding stand. As a desk clock, you can use its alarm clock and snooze function. An appropriate alarm clock with 1.5 minutes of continuous alarm and 8 minutes of sleeping time, suitable for people who are sleeping. Indoor temperature and humidity detection can help you easily monitor indoor temperature and humidity every day. The stylish, modern design of this digital wall clock has excellent surface treatment effects,
temperature/humidity detection:
temperature detection range: -40℃ (-40℉) ~ 70℃ (158℉);
temperature detection accuracy deviation is ±0.1℉ .
Humidity detection range: 1%-99%;
humidity detection accuracy deviation is ±1%.
The temperature and humidity detection cycle is 10 seconds, that is, the detection data is updated every 10 seconds.

Packing size: 9.6 x 6.1 x 1.7 inches