April:The First Wave Of Products On The Shelves

April 10, 2023
April:The First Wave Of Products On The Shelves

Sukeen Cooling Vest:Stay cool, calm, and collected with our refreshing cooling vest!

Our first wave of products is vest, a vest with cooling function, a vest with reflective strips.Reflective strip vest is a kind of safety clothing, which is usually used by workers in the working environment at night or in low visibility conditions to increase their visibility and reduce potential dangers. Reflective vests usually have bright fluorescent colors and reflective strips to make them easier to see in low light. Reflective strip vests are commonly used in environments such as roadside work, traffic control, construction sites, warehouses, aircraft ground handling, etc., where there is a danger from vehicles or other moving equipment. The second is solid color, very simple and fashionable.

1.V-neck Cooling Vest High-Visibility Reflective Vest

The Cooling Vest is a high-tech fabric that is breathable and comfortable to keep you cool and comfortable on hot days. Cooling vests are usually made of a special cooling material that absorbs sweat and heat, evaporates it and releases it, keeping your back cool and dry at all times.

Compared to traditional vests, cooling vests have better breathability and moisture control properties. Suitable for outdoor activities, long distance travel, sports and other occasions that require long hours of activity in hot environments. The cold vest not only reduces the discomfort caused by sweat and high temperature environments, but also effectively reduces muscle fatigue and enhances the effect of exercise.

The Cooling Vest is a highly functional, comfortable and stylish garment that will keep you cool and comfortable on the hottest days. A cooling vest is a great choice if you need to work or participate in sports in a hot environment. Get it now and enjoy the cool summer.


Sukeen Cooling Vest,Blue V-neck With Zipper Vest Silver Reflective Strip

Sukeen Cooling Vest,Green V-neck With Zipper Vest Silver Reflective Strip

 Sukeen Cooling Vest,Orange V-neck With Zipper Vest Silver Reflective Strip

2.Solid Hoodie Vest With Zipper

Sukeen Cooling Hoodie is a fabric composed of 45% polyester and 55% nylon. Breathable, quick-drying fabric wicks away sweat quickly to keep you comfortable and dry. The cooling fabric absorbs the heat emitted by the human body and converts it into a cooling effect, making the wearer feel cool and comfortable. Cool Hoodie also has anti-wrinkle, anti-bacterial and UV protection features.

First of all, Cooling Fabric is not an absolute "cold feeling", but a technology that achieves a cooling effect by adjusting the body surface temperature. So too much humidity, too much heat, or strenuous exercise can reduce the cooling effect. Plus, the cool fabric is breathable and quick-drying, but it's not completely waterproof, so it might leak a bit in heavy rain or high currents.

Cooling hoodies are practical, comfortable and stylish clothing that can meet people's needs for summer wear and sports. The exceptional properties of the cooling fabric make this hoodie a favorite among athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and those who spend long hours outside. A cool hoodie can be as durable as it is beautiful by choosing what works for you and taking care of it and washing it properly.

Sukeen Cooling Hoodie Vest,Grey Solid Ice Instant Vest

Sukeen Cooling Hoodie Vest,Light Purple Solid Ice Instant Vest



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