Welcome to Sukeen!

We specialize in cooling towel manufacturing for more than five years and we are committed to providing customers with high quality products and the best service.
Why are we different? We constantly select high-quality and safe fabrics, upgrade the technology of cooling towel making like using more exquisite sewing seam to sew cooling towels, so that customers can have a more comfortable and cost-effective experience when using Sukeen towels in summer.

Sukeen Cooling Towel

The unique cooling system uses moisture from the towel to draw the sweat away from your skin to keep you cool. Even in hot summer, it can stay chilly for a long time.

Easy to Carry

With the waterproof plastic pouch, it is easy to carry the chilly towel on a rock climb, golf trip, corssfit training, etc. The storage pouch comes with carabiner clips of vibrant colors that match the towel, the clip makes it convenient to attach the cooling towel to the belt of sports bag and traveling backpack.