How to be SUKEEN member?

Registrate an account and you will be sukeen member.


About SUKEEN Points Reward

Follow these ways to earn SUKEEN points

1.Sign up SUKEEN account

Earn 100 points by verifying your email address on your profile page.

2.Buy and Save

You will earn 2 Points for every $1 spent.

Points will be credited to your account when your order is confirmed to have shipped.

3.Share On Facebook

Each product, article,blog can be shared on Facebook, and you can get 5 points for each share.

4.Follow SUKEEN Instagram

Follow @sukeen_official and you will get 100 points.

5.Celebrate a birthday

100 points for completing action.Limit of 1 per year.Customers must enter their birthday in Smile UI at least 30 days in advance to be rewarded.


Referral Rewards

Reward existing customers for referring their friends and encourage them to try your brand.

Existing customers are rewarded once a friend places their first order. Learn more about referrals from the customer's perspective.

Referring customer reward:$3 off coupon

Referred friend reward:$3 off coupon



About SUKEEN Redom

Items on each SUKEEN site are independent. The account balance is shown on the points history page. It is your available balance on the current website.

Every 100 points = $1. The earliest expiring credits will be applied first.