The environmental protection of sukeen cold towel can be demonstrated from the following aspects:

1.Material selection
Cooling towels can be made of materials with good recyclability, such as natural cotton, organic cotton, bamboo fiber, etc. These materials are recyclable, reducing waste generation. The fabric we choose is recyclable, and the specific composition is 55% Polyester/45% Polyamide.
2.Packaging design
Cooling towels can be designed with no packaging or less packaging to reduce waste of resources. If packaging is necessary, it is recommended to use recyclable packaging materials, such as cartons, paper bags, cloth bags, etc., which can be used repeatedly. Our packaging is a combination of a bag and a button, which is reusable.
3.Product design
Cooling towels can be designed as reusable products, such as washable, machine washable, hand washable, etc. At the same time, it can be designed as a multifunctional product, such as a face towel, sweat towel, rag, etc. to increase the use value.
In order to prolong the service life of cooling towels, proper maintenance is required. It is recommended to perform cleaning and drying operations according to the requirements of the product manual to avoid damage or pollution.
Through the above design and maintenance measures, the cooling towel can become a recyclable and environmentally friendly product. This will not only meet consumers' demand for environmental protection, but also make a contribution to environmental protection.

Sukeen responsibility for the environment.

Sukeen is always in awe of the environment. We promote the use of recyclable fabric technology and green environmental protection technology. We hope that everyone can join us in protecting our environment and our common family of the earth.